Dubbeli - Web & Mobile design in Essex, Basildon

Dubbeli creates high quality digital experiences and has a great eye for pixel perfection. We guarantee to deliver products which offer a unique user experience, one that you have never seen before. As we are flexible, the client can follow the progress step by step and add their input where needed. This is to ensure that the client not only gets the product they want, but that their expectations are exceeded also. Dubbeli is future focused, all of our websites are built using the latest techniques, such as HTML5 and CSS3. We incorporate the newest standards to ensure that your website isn't outdated. We believe in what we do and we set high standards for ourselves, this is why we are more than able to deliver the highest quality services.

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  • D&W Exclusive Cars
  • Provincie Overijssel
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  • Helderberg
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  • Freelance Vrijwilliger
  • Oad Reizen
  • BouwX
  • Center Sale
  • CO2 Management
  • Antorcha
  • T-Mobile
  • Your Sense
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How can we help you?
  • Web (interface) design

    Web (interface) design

    High quality designs, with a wow factor, that's the kind of designs we deliver. The websites we design communicate in a language that connects directly with its visitors, we do this by creating beautiful work with high quality design and attention to detail.

  • Search Engine Optimisation

    Search Engine Optimisation

    All the applications and websites we make are written in semantically correct codes, ensuring that the websites are always findable in search machines such as Google. We also have the skills to intergrate social media into a website in order that the client can promote their application or website at ease.

  • Mobile & Responsive Design

    Mobile & Responsive Design

    Because every household nowadays has more smartphones than computers it's really important that your website works across all platforms. We can make your design responsive ensuring that it looks great on your desktop, tablet and your smartphone. High or low resolution, no wider audience is possible!